Even though she has not presented herself as an actress, model, or even a singer, she is considered a celebrity in the Hispanic community. Her image has traveled the globe, and her name is recognized as one of the most prominent in the entertainment world. 

          Chiquis is not only the daughter of Jenni Rivera, the most successful  banda sinoalense singer in Mexico, or the grand daughter of Pedro Rivera, successful singer and producer. Chiquis is also an artist as well as a business woman who has influenced and inspired the young Hispanic communities with her values, strength, and tenacity.

          While supporting the meteoric rise of the music and business endeavors of her mother, Chiquis has spent much of her life outside of the spotlight. “I am used to being behind the scenes, helping my mother manage the family and household,” she confirms. “The attention was always on my mother. I didn’t expect it to be on me.”

          Chiquis first captivated audiences with Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis & Raq-C, a reality series that followed the adventures of Chiquis and her friend, two young Latinas growing up in L.A. Metamorphosing into I Love Jenni, Chiquis’ vibrant energy and down to earth authenticity made her a much-loved favorite among young viewers.  Then she became the center of attention with Chiquis n’ Control, her latest reality show which followed her in a newly found career and life direction.  In the series Chiquis not only opened her first business – a blow dry salon – but also move into her own apartment as a single woman – something that did go against the grain in her independent but traditional Hispanic family. As a role model, she has managed to inspire young adults to seek independency and a healthy lifestyle. She is the first one to recognize the challenges of her decisions:  “While I love to be by myself, to live on my own, I miss being with my family at times. However, Faith is what leads me and I’m not going to be scared of anything or anyone - from business to just discovering myself.” 

          For Chiquis, who had never envisioned herself in front of the camera, these shows were a revelation. “I started being comfortable in my own skin and learning about myself,” she avows. “I grew as a person so much – I even see the growth from Chiquis & Raq-C to the Chiquis n’ Control Show. This is what I was meant to be.”

          Clearly, show business is in her bloodline. Chiquis’ early memories revolve around assisting her grandfather and grandmother as they transformed a tiny booth at a swap meet into one of the most influential Mexican labels north of the border. Then she spent her entire life immersed in her mother’s career as an artist, nad now the time for her to be on the spotlight is inevitable. 

Today, the best of Chiquis is yet to come.